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Reimagining The Liberty Tree Mall Logo

If you are from the north shore of Massachusetts, chances are you have heard of the Liberty Tree Mall located in Danvers. It is a mall that I used to visit frequently during summers and holidays with my family, and with my friends when we had nothing else to do. The mall featured a large liberty tree sculpture at its heart, which was originally designed by Albert Surman for the New England Pavilion at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. As a kid, seeing this massive tree inside the mall stuck with me because it was unique and added a piece of magic to the experience inside the mall. It was also a meeting place for people to congregate.

The Liberty Tree Mall logo was influenced by this sculpture and is a perfect example of a simple geometric logo design. This style has always impressed me, even since I was a child. The logo reminded me of the graphic style used in the Expo 67 graphic identity styles. Unfortunately, the original Liberty tree sculpture was eventually reduced to scrap metal, and the stores in the mall have also changed over time. However, the original logo has always stayed with me. Now, as a graphic designer, I decided to have fun and try to reimagine the Liberty Tree Mall logo.

Here are some of my explorations of what could have been:

Liberty Tree Mall Logo Reimagined on Green
Liberty Tree Mall Logo on green

Liberty Tree Mall Badge
Liberty Tree Mall Badge


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