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Brand Identity, Packaging, Collateral Design, Web, Social Media Design, Photo, Print, Signage, Video


Food and Beverage

One Mighty Mill

Bringing back wheat you can eat.

One Mighty Mill Hero Background with Wheat

Guiding One Mighty Mill's brand from inception to market success.

One Mighty Mill has set out to transform the flour industry by bringing back the pure process of stone-milling their flour, leaving their products with all the beneficial nutrients that industrial processing strips out. By bringing back whole grain wheat and stone milling their flour, they are reviving local food systems and helping communities thrive.

Mike Clark Design played a pivotal role at the outset of their branding journey, developing a brand platform that brought to life their unique story, provide educational content and grow meaningful relationships with their customers. This partnership helped to successfully launch their brand and provide a strong base for continued growth.
One Mighty Mill Packaging for Pretzels
Packaging Design

From Bagels to Tortillas, we crafted visually cohesive packaging for One Mighty Mill's range of products, communicating quality and mission. This strategic design enhanced shelf visibility, shaped their identity, and worked to educate the customer on the real value of the stone milling process. 

One Mighty Mill Packaging Dieline Flat
One Mighty Mill Bagel Packaging
One Mighty Mill Honey Mustard Bag Design
Website Design

The website for the brand was built to be as compelling as the One Mighty Mill mission, it became the digital heartbeat of their flour revolution. Bringing in the same look and feel of the packaging to create a seamless brand experience. The result was not just a website but a brand hub where visitors could immerse themselves in the stone-milling process, learn about the nutritional value behind their products, and effortlessly make purchases.

One Mighty Mill Homepage Design
One Mighty Mill Why Fresh Milling Matters Page Design
One Mighty Mill Product Page Design
One Mighty Mill Pattern Design
One Mighty Mill Website Icons and Illustrations
Social Media

We developed and designed a comprehensive social media campaign and launch kit, which included video interviews and engaging story driven animations, to successfully introduce and promote the brand.

Brand Anthem Video

Our brand anthem video brings the One Mighty mill story to life as we travel across Linneus, Maine's farms to Lynn, MA's bustling mill, showcasing the wheat grain's journey from source to product. 

One Mighty Mill Sticker Design Set
One Mighty Mill T-Shirt Design Swag
One Mighty Mill Signage Design in-store

We also provided design consultation for the first One Mighty Mill location in Lynn, Massachusetts. We worked to define elements for signage,  guided interior planning, and selection of materials to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Exterior Signage design for One Mighty Mill
Window Signage design for One Mighty Mill
One Mighty Mill Interior Planning Image for Cafe
Inspiration board for Interior design of One Mighty Mill
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