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Big Little Bar

A revolutionary daily wellness bar


A multitasking bar for
the multitasking woman

Big Little Bar is focused on one thing, providing women with all of their daily vitamins and Omega-3s in one simple daily bar. This daily wellness bar is packed with the same amount of Omega 3s, DHA, and EPA, as two fish oil pills, plus 100% of the daily vitamins, all in one incredibly tasty on-the-go bar.

At the beginning of the brand development process, we were hired to serve as the design consultant for the brand launch. Our design inspiration came from the Omega-3 nutrients present in the bar, and we adopted a simple yet bold approach to the word mark, packaging, and site experience. We used a flame scarlet orange color to create a distinctive and memorable design for the market. To visually emphasize the importance of Omega-3 nutrients, we incorporated an "O" symbol throughout the design.
Big Little Bar Packaging Design - Shipping Box View 1
Big Little Bar Packaging Design - Shipping Box View 2
Hero Photo of Big Little Bar Packaging Design
Big Little Bar Logo Design and Color Palette System
Big Little Bar Website Design Mockup
Big Little Bar Website Page Designs
Decorative O Graphic for Background
Big Little Bar Strip Photography
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